Suction Machine,

Model: MS-700

Make: M Technology- Korea


Technical Specifications 

Use: Surgical

Motor: Oil Less Piston Vacuum Pump x 2

Vacuum: 740 mmHg

Flow: 100 L/Min

Weight: 28 Kg

Bottle: 3000 cc x 2



ECG Machine 12 Channel

Model: Model: ECG 1210

Make: Shenzhen Biocare Biomedical Equipment Co Ltd, China

Syringe Pump

Model: Ip12 B

Make: Shenzhen Biocare Biomedical Equipment Co Ltd, China

Fetal Monitor

Model: iC 60

Make: Shenzhen Biocare Biomedical Equipment Co Ltd, China

Pulse Oximeter

Model: CX-100

Make: Charmcare Korea

Infant Warmer

Model: M 308

Make: Elektromag Turkey

Electromechanical Operation Table

Model: ET 700

Make: Techartmed China

Hydraulic Operation Table

Model: MT 700

Make Techartmed China

ENT Diagnostic Set (Adult &Peads)


Make : Locally Made

Therapeutic Ultrasound : Soni –Stimu pro

Model : UT1041

Make : Nu-Tek China

Vaccum Extractor MS -300

Make : M Technology

Model: MS -300

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulators (TENS) : Stim Rehab Vac

Model : MT2201

Make : Nu-Tek China

CTG Machine

Model : FM-20

Make : Mediana Korea

Cervical Traction : Ol-1200-S

Model : Ol-1200-S

Make : OG Wellness

Therapeutic Ultrasound : Physisonic ES 7S 2A

Model : ES 7S 2A

Make : OG Wellness

Hospital Bed with back rest and Wheel

Model : BT 60 1M

Make : BT Medical

ECG Machine 3 Channel

Model: iE 300

Make: Shenzhen Biocare Biomedical Equipment Co,. Ltd, China

Technical Specifications

  1. 3 Channel ECG Machine
  2. Analysis report 1 before printing.
  3. Analysis report 2 before printing.
  4. On-Screen guide for check loose Leads.
  5. The sensitivity and specificity of QRS detection and analysis are upto 99%.
  6. Up to 300 seconds of Rhythm analysis.
  7. 0.01 Hz for High Pass Filter of ECG Signal contributes to undistorted ST Segment measurement and Analysis,
  8. Applied the latest Minnesota code.
  9. Complete digital filtering and self adapting filtering guarantee noise elimination without waveform distortion.

Nebulizer Machine

Model: JK-11

Make: Pedocare China 

Technical Specifications:

  1. Compressor Pressure 0.2 MPa
    Compressor Air Flow 6 L/Min
    Atomization Rate ≥  0.35 ml / min
    Noise ≤ 57 dB
    Relative Humidity Range ≤ 57 dB
    Atmosphere Pressure Range 86.0Kpa – 106.0 kPa
    Product Weight 1.5 kg


Infusion Pump

Model: Ip 21 B

Make: Shenzhen Biocare Biomedical Equipment Co Ltd, China

Vein Viewer

Model: ZD- JM – 260 -03

Make: ZD Medical Inc, China

Phototherapy Unit

Model: M 304

Make: Elektromag Turkey

Baby Incubator

Model: B 4500

Make: Beijing Julongsanyou Technology Company Ltd. China

Delivery Table

Model: MT-400

Make: Techartmed China

Ear Syringe


Make : Locally Made

Stethoscope :

Model : S 520

Make : FGC Japan

Tonometer : AT-R/AT-T


Make : Ray Vision

Cardaic Monitor

Model : YM-6000

Make : MEDIANA Korea

Pneumatic Tourniquet (Infant and Adult)

Modal : Tourni 2000

Make : Person Medicla Co Ltd Turkey

Infra-Red Radiators : Laso Rehab2 Mobile LS 2100

Model :

Make : Nu-Tek China

Laboratory Freezer

Model : Labor 500 ECT

Make : Fiochetti

Lumber Traction

Model : OL-6600

Make : OG Wellness