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Sudais Associates working in the style of a Firm registered since 2009. It has a knack for unlocking the potential of individuals, the kind that makes things happens. The organizational structure allows the employees the freedom, which is necessary to further initiative and creativity, take appropriate decisions, and implement these with conviction. This approach has enabled Sudais Associates to bring forth world-class capabilities in marketing, sales. Innovation has been a highly sought after attribute at Sudais Associates all along. From the very first product to the very recent introductions, speak volumes of the ingenuity behind the brand selection and portfolio development.

Sudais Associates continues on its path to discovery, scaling new heights and seeking new and higher challenges. Sudais Associates is in its way well to achieve its chosen mission and objectives, encompassing excellence in all business practices and winning the confidence of doctors, pharmacists and consumers at large.

The business environment is changing rapidly and a number of strategic initiatives are envisaged to meet the challenges on the way. These include of new brands, sustained efforts on diversification and excelling in marketing processes to ensure products of the highest quality are produced which compare most favorably with any of the world today.

With successes there are challenges. Our region is undergoing many changes, both political and economic. With increased globalization and advent of global cities, emergence of new markets, convergence of technology with the industry to produce competitive edges, all the time changing regulations and the most potent of all internet itself, Sudais Associates faces challenges and foresees opportunities to produce better returns for its stakeholder.

To optimize its strategic position and initiatives, Sudais Associates realize that “Assets make things possible, people make things happens”. Sudais Associates will continue to focus on its human resource. We will continue to invest more in our employees to enhance their competencies and hence productivity.

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What do we do?

Our Vision

We at Sudais Associates understand the duties of being responsible corporate citizen and stand true to our conviction and promise to work for the betterment and prosperity of our people.

What do we do?

Our Mission

We strive to maintain excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, consumers, stakeholders and employees, and to improve quality of life by providing quality products.

“I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the love”

Shakir Khan

Founder & CEO

What do we do?


The management has set the following objectives.

  • These are the hallmarks of our journey towards a Quality product for mankind:
  • Excel in meeting customer needs.
  • Achieve leadership in Medical industry.
  • Gain confidence of Doctors, Pharmacists and consumers who use our products.
  • Seek employee involvement, continuous improvement and enhanced performance goal.
  • Enhance business.
What do we do?

Working Environment

Sudais Associates believes in sharing information at the functional level as well as at the cross – functional level. Therefore, it encourages its employees to share their views, ideas and suggestions with each other. Teamwork is valued and encouraged at every level. To motivate their employees company introduce incentive policy and bonus schemes at various levels. Human resource function plays a key role in this regard by not only hiring the right individuals for the organizations but also retaining them.

What do we do?

Human Resources

Company’s commitment to quality standards extends beyond the boundaries of marketing facility to encompass all aspects of the business from production to environment. We believe that we can better address our customer needs by recruiting the best human resource, to deliver the best.
Sudais Associates investment in human resource starts with the recruitment. It invests in the human resource by identifying the training needs of its employees and arranging the training programs required.  It ensures professional growth by providing training, offering a career path and cultivating a shared culture.
Therefore, the company continuously strives to equip its employees with latest management tools and training programs that focus on building their operating capabilities and enhancing competencies.

What do we do?

History and Type of Firm

Sudais Associates has been established in 2009.The firm is  distributor one, distributing the medical equipment’s of many incredible international manufacturers e.g, Electro mag (Turkey), Lab tech (South Korea) ,M technology (South Korea) etc.The firm posses authority letters of all international manufactures, mentioned above .

What do we do?

Experience of the Firm

Sudais Associates has general experience of more than 10 years in supplying the medical equipments.Also,it has experience of a decade in supplying the medical equipments advertised in the tender.

What do we do?

Sales Team

Sudais Associates takes pride in processing a very capable, professional and motivated sales team who has consistently performed with excellence over the years.
Their role is to develop relationships with the customer and market. Training is an ongoing process at sudais associates, ensuring that sales function stays up-to-date with the latest selling techniques, product knowledge and professional attitude.

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