Spinal Needles

1. The fine tip helps prevent PDPH.

2. The greater thickness from the middle to the base counters bending and makes the cannula easier to control during insertion.

3.Three types of tips – K-3 Point, Pencil Point, and Backcut – are available for use with this needle.

Make: DR . Japan

Official Website: http://www.drjapan-jp.com/


Casting Tapes

ALTOCAST™ is a synthetic orthopaedic casting tape made of knitted fiberglass
or polyester substrate impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin.
The fabric is extensible in all directions, which makes it very comfortable in use.

Exposure to any moisture will cause the tape to become rigid. The setting time
is approximately 4 minutes and it takes 20 minutes for full weight bearing.

ALTOCAST™(Splint, General Purpose) is composed of knitted polyester (or fiberglass) fabric impregnated with a water activated polyurethane resin. The setting time is approximately 4 minutes and it takes 20 minutes for full weight bearing

Altocast is a company who make synthetic orthopedic casting tape and splint,

Make: ALTOCAST China

Official Website: http://altochem.com/

Chiba Needles

This needle is used to puncture the abdominal cavity or internal organs.

2. The part of the needle near the tip is dimpled, spiraled, or blast finished to assist ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity and organs.

3. The cannula has deep calibration marks every 1 cm. Used in combination with the attached movable stopper, it allows extremely precise insertions to be made.

Make: Dr. Japan

Official Website:http://www.drjapan-jp.com/


Anti Embolism Medical Stocking 

Anti-embolism stockings,  are either knee- or thigh-high stockings made from elastane fabric.

These stockings apply pressure on the superficial veins by compressing the legs. In turn, this can reduce or prevent formation of blood clots and leads to an increase in blood flow, ensuring the veins do not expand.

Make: ABC Turkey

Official Website: https://www.abcteks.com